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Ornament Display Tree Metal Christmas Stand

$ 124.99 138.74
  • Product dimensions: 84”H x 23” W with 65 ornament hooks.Can be assembled in about 10 to 15 minutes with a simple screwdriver.Easily adjust branch height depending on how low you hang your ornaments.
  • Showcase your christmas ornaments and with this distinctive metal christmas ornament display tree stand
  • Sturdy metal branches on the ornament display stand support christmas ornaments without bending or sagging.Exceptional stability with a sturdy iron base.The ornament display stand boasts long-lasting welds as well as a rust-resistant finish that complements your glass ornaments and christmas bauble on your metal tree.
  • Spread festival holiday cheer all throughout your home
  • Multifunctional large metal christmas ornament display tree stand can be used year-round at home, in a shop or office


Sep 28, 2020 - Sep 30, 2020


Very sturdy and easy to assemble, it has a gorgeous spiral design and a flawless black matte coating. The spiral design makes it super easy to hang ornaments without the need for wire hooks used in real Christmas trees. Makes for a unique and elegant living room display that will get many compliments from friends and loved ones.